Guangzhou IFC Receives LEED V4 Standard Platinum Certification

        Based on the comprehensive assessment of the US Green Building Council, Guangzhou International Finance Center (also referred to as “Guangzhou IFC”) has officially been awarded LEED Platinum certification with a total score of 88, and has become the first high-rise landmark building obtaining LEED Platinum certification in operation stage with LEED V4 standard in China. This fully indicates the outstanding performance of Guangzhou IFC as an exemplary green building in energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development, and its excellent standard of project design and operation management.
        The Platinum certification is the highest level of LEED certification, which is also the most difficult to attain. It is hailed as the "Oscar Award" in the green building world, with only 5% of the world's accredited projects receiving this honor, suggesting its prestige.
        The LEED EBOM (LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance) certification obtained by Guangzhou IFC this time pertains to the higher standard of V4, which is more difficult to attain compared to V3 standard, with more stringent requirements on energy conservation, representing the highest benchmark of green building at the current stage.
        The LEED V4 green building assessment system emphasizes the sustainability of the entire life cycle of a building. It comprehensively examines and evaluates the building’s impact on the environment according to different scoring categories.
        The system categorizes buildings into certification levels of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified according to the comprehensive score results, to reflect the level of green standard of the building. The total score is 110, and the certified buildings are classified into four levels of certification according to the following score categories:
Certified           Silver              Gold            Platinum
40-49            50-59              60-79              >80
        What are the advantages of Guangzhou IFC under the stringent evaluation criteria of LEED V4?
        Guangzhou IFC has been adhering to the concept of sustainable building with low energy consumption and high performance ever since the early stage of its design and construction.
        Located at the intersection of Guangzhou Metro Line 3 and Line 5, Guangzhou IFC has its unique advantage in respect of transportation. The metro lines connects the building with Baiyun District in the north and Panyu District in the south of Guangzhou, as well as Liwan District in the west and Huangpu District in the east. The building is close to the convenient passenger automatic transportation system (APM), and has become part of a low-carbon, environmentally friendly lifestyle.
        To cultivate a green landscape, a large number of local drought-tolerant plants has been planted around Guangzhou IFC, with a green area of about 10,200 square meters and a greening rate of about 33%. This creates pleasant scenery and helps save water at the same time.
        The building has installed double silver coated Low-E insulating glass curtain wall as part of its exterior structure, to ensure that every tenant has a good view. The double silver coated Low-E insulating glass has good light transmission. It provides natural light to customers, effectively blocks ultraviolet rays, and reduces energy consumption by air conditioning.
        In respect of building operations, Guangzhou IFC insists on managing the property according to advanced international standards, and was certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000 and ISO50001 standards in 2014, indicating that the building has met leading international standards in quality control, environmental management, occupational safety and health, and energy management.
        The LEED EBOM certification awarded this time was formulated for constructed buildings.  It examines whether the building can sustainably provide tenants with healthy and high-quality space in operation stage.
        In respect of energy conservation and consumption reduction, property management companies adopt BA system to perform real-time 24-hour monitoring and tracking of energy consumption. Through adopting frequency conversion technology, a new system of exhaust heat recovery, refrigerating units with large temperature difference, and widely installing LED lights, the power consumption has been greatly reduced. Moreover, the adoption of air conditioning condensate recycling, manual irrigation, frequency converting fountain pump and water-saving appliances has effectively saved water.
        Guangzhou IFC scored 94 (out of 100 marks) in the US Energy Star Statement of Energy Performance scoring system. In terms of controlling indoor environment quality, Guangzhou IFC has fully implemented “smoking-free building” management and launched the “World No Smoking Day” campaign every year to promote healthy lifestyle.
        CO₂ monitors are installed in the building to connect the ventilation and exhaust system, which vents harmful gases to the outdoors. To maintain the cleanliness and freshness of air within the building, and to safeguard the physical and mental health of customers, the indoor air has been electrostatically precipitated and treated with G3 filtering, F7 purification, and photocatalytic sterilization, while the filters and air-conditioning equipment have been cleaned regularly and frequently.
        In day-to-day management, Guangzhou IFC uses environmentally friendly air-conditioning refrigerants to reduce the impact on the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, the wide use of LED and low-mercury lamps effectively reduced mercury pollution. At the same time, in the process of decoration, the use of non-environmentally friendly materials as well as noise and dust were strictly controlled, while the generation of harmful gases was effectively minimized. In addition, construction wastes were classified for recycling.
       On the other hand, Guangzhou IFC has placed strict emphasis on environmental friendliness in the selection of daily supplies. The detergents and equipment used in daily cleaning processes have reached the CQC standard. Physical elimination has been adopted in pest control to reduce the impact of pesticides on the environment. Moreover, paper towels made of recyclable materials such as natural wheat straws and certified with the FSC and HACCP certification have been used to minimize pollution. The daily consumables purchased by some tenants meet the standard of the FSC environmental certification, and their office equipment also meets the requirements of the EPEAT energy conservation certification and the Energy Star certification.
        The LEED V4 Platinum standard obtained by Guangzhou IFC is a recognition of its effort in environmental protection. Guangzhou IFC will continue to uphold the green and environmental friendly concept in future, and strive to make a classic example of super high-rise green building.