Description of Properties
The Property portfolio of Yuexiu REIT comprises nine high quality properties,namely White Horse Building、Fortune Plaza、City Development Plaza、Victory Plaza、GZIFC、Yuexiu Financial Tower、Shanghai Yuexiu Tower、Wuhan Properties、Hangzhou Victory Business Centre. The overview of the Properties is as follows:
  • Notes:

    ① As of 30 June 2022

    ② Excluding 1,408.3 sq.m. of carpark spaces area;

    ③ Excluding 2,104.3 sq.m. of carpark spaces area;

    ④ Excluding 76,512.3 sq.m. of carpark spaces and 7,752.5 sq.m. of other ancillary facilities area;

    ⑤ Including 2,262.0 sq.m. of hotel ancillary facilities area and refuge floor;

    ⑥ Excluding 13,502.6 sq.m. of carpark spaces and 2,610.4 sq.m. of specific purpose area (management office,owners’ committee office, bicycle parking space and refuge floor);

    ⑦ Excluding 10,490.3 sq.m. of common facilities area and refuge floor(Grade A office);Excluding 1,924.8 sq.m. of common facilities area(Mall);

    ⑧ Excluding 17,663.6 sq.m. of carpark spaces area.