Property Overview

Yuexiu Fortune Centre, located in Hankou Riverside Business District which is an emerging business district in Wuhan, is currently the tallest International Grade A office building completed in Wuhan. As the only International Grade A office building in Hankou and in the riverside area of Hankou, Yuexiu Fortune Centre owns excellent riverside views in three directions. The property is located within the second ring of Wuhan. Public transportation is convenient and people can easily access three towns in Wuhan. It is connected to Hanyang by Yuehu Bridge on the south side. Two metro lines meet at Qiaokou Road station (Metro Line 1 is in operation and Metro Line 10 is under planning). Hanjiang avenue expressway, next to the Yuexiu Fortune Centre, is directly connected to the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.


Yuexiu Fortune Centre was completed in August 2016, with a height of 330 metres and a total gross floor area of 129,446.7 sq.m., comprising a 68-storey office building. The main tenants of Yuexiu Fortune Centre are premium domestic and foreign companies, including Fortune 500 companies, such as SAP, Kaili Air Conditioning, Hitachi, PSA, Sumitomo Group, Media, Kenfair, China Resources Snow Breweries, Taikang Life Insurance and so on. It has also attracted a number of renowned enterprises, including TAL Education, Kingdee Software, AVIVA-COFCO, New Hope Real Estate, Guangdong Guangxin, Shenzhen Investment Holding, Prolog, Chinatex, McQuay and DHH Law Firm.


Starry Victoria Shopping Centre is the first Hong Kong lifestyle oriented neighborhood shopping centre in Wuhan. Office staffs and family-oriented consumers are its target consumer groups. It is also the first shopping centre built with a covered walkway to the metro. The 5-storey shopping arcade (inclusive of a 1-storey basement) has a gross floor area of 45,471.4 sq.m. with 1,134 commercial carpark spaces and 375 residential carpark spaces. Starry Victoria Shopping Centre provides supplementary services to office and residence services, F&B and life experience stores. Existing tenants of Starry Victoria are a number of renowned enterprises, including KFC, Tao Heung, Hutaoli, KenGee, Starbucks, Zhongbai Life Theatre, Hotwind, Xiaomi, Apple Digital, Be True Shine, Jingsheng Japanese cuisine, Han Gong Yan, Three Squirrels, WELTMEISTER, Unicorn Infant & Mother Collection Store, The green party, Huawei, Artisan Bread, Luckin Coffee, Xibeimowang, Cai Lin Ji, Xiang Shi, Yi Peng Fan Tuan.