Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

We regard government and regulators, media, unitholders and potential investors, ESG third-party evaluation institutions, tenants, customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities as main stakeholders. We maintain good and orderly communication with stakeholders. Specific communication forms are listed in the following table.

Material Issues Review

We conduct a multi-directional risk assessment and materiality analysis around ESG issues. Through the analysis of regulatory requirements, media research, peer benchmarking, questionnaire survey, and field investigation of the properties, we review and obtain material issues, which are the basis for the preparation of Environmental, Social, and Governance Report to ensure the reasonable disclosure of ESG-related information. We commissioned professional consultants to identify and analyze 23 sustainable development issues with a great impact on Yuexiu REIT’s development based on our business development and industry characteristics, covering four dimensions: environment, society, operation, and employment.

  • Compliance disclosure

    Combine with investigation results of previous issues, suggestions from external consultants and internal analysis and cover all issues on compliance requirements of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

  • Investors’ attention

    Refer to the issues concerned by global mainstream ESG ratings and sustainability standards research institutions.

  • Peer attention

    Identify and compare issue distribution in the peer and supplement and improve the base for issues.

  • Other issues concerned by stakeholders

ESG Materiality Matrix(2021)
Operating practice
Employment and labor practice

List of Material Issues and Management Progresses