Under the leadership of the Board, the Manager continue to consolidate the sustainable development structure and work system, implemented the concept of sustainable development throughout the work, and firmly promoted our three principles of sustainable development:
Win-win Development:
Offer tenants and customers outstanding services, provide a harmonious working environment for employees, provide constant and stable returns for unitholders and create higher economic value for stakeholders.

Sustainable development
Three principles

Green Development:
Practice green leasing, promote energy-saving and environmental protection operations, apply green energy-saving technologies, strive to become a green benchmark at the forefront of the industry, and take the road of green sustainable development.
Inclusive Development:
Engage with communities, concerned about livelihoods, care for the underprivileged, take full advantage of our platforms and resources and share the values and achievements with society.
    Scope     Our Materiality Issues Our Sustainable Development Goals (Towards 2030)
Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Carry out anti-corruption and anti-bribery training every year and 100% cover the Manager, hotel and serviced apartments and frontline operators.
ESG Risk Management Review the overall ESG framework, policies and goals every year.
Stable Value Creation Review the risk management frameworks, policies and objectives every year.
Anti-unfair Competition Review the procurement process controls every year.
Intellectual Property Rights Protection Continuously carry out publicity and training related to intellectual property rights protection.
Industry Development Continuously carry out tenant empowerment activities. Promote industry development through continuous participation in professional forums and industry associations.
Environment Energy Management Based on 2019, reduce power intensity (Note1) by 13.5% by 2025.Complete the formulation of 2030 energy conservation goals and action plans by 2025.
Water Resources Management Based on 2019, reduce water intensity (Note2) by 10% by 2025. Complete the formulation of 2030 water conservation goals and action plans by 2025.
Addressing Climate Change Based on 2019, reduce total GHG emission intensity (Note3) by 13.5% by 2025. Complete the formulation of GHG reduction goals and action plans for 2030 by 2025.
Waste Management

① Adhere to the promotion of paperless office, promote the reduction of waste (Note4) from daily operation. Complete the formulation of waste reduction goals and action plans for 2030 by 2025.

② Continue to carry out waste classification every year and entrust a qualified third party to deal with 100% of hazardous waste.

Green Leasing

① Continue to promote green conventions and advocate green office.

② Continue to promote green building certification/selection and increase the proportion of green building certification.

Biodiversity Incorporate biodiversity into the scope of concerns of public service/publicity campaigns every year.
Sustainable Consumption Continue to call on tenants and customers to reduce the use of disposable items every year.
Society Employee Development and Training

① Every employee receives at least 36 hours of training every year.

② Provide training for 100% new employees.

Employee Attraction and Retention

① Annual employee performance appraisal and performance communication.

② Keep in touch with schools and provide internship and employment positions every year.

Employee Rights and Communication

① Enter into a written labor contract with 100% employees.

② Purchase social insurance/labor insurance for 100% employees.

③ Organize employee satisfaction survey every year.

Employee Safety and Health

① No confirmed work-related fatality every year.

② Provide annual health check for employees.

Public Welfare

① Stay connected to communities and provide venues for all kinds of charity activities every year.

② Stay connected to labor unions and continuously strengthen the volunteer team building.

Information Security Protection Review information security management and control mechanism every year.
Property Safety and Health

① Organize at least one fire drill every six months, covering 100% of the properties of the Trust.

② Rectify 100% equipment and facilities safety flaws every year.

Value Chain Social Responsibility Evaluate and review 100% suppliers every year.
Service Quality The overall customer satisfaction of annual third-party survey shall be no less than 90% (Note5).
Customer Complaint Management Response to 100% of customer complaints every year.
Responsible Marketing Continue to carry out publicity and training on consumer protection to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
  • Notes:
  • 1. The power consumption intensity of the purchased power grid in the public area of the properties and the operation of the hotel and serviced apartments, calculated by unit area or room night.
  • 2. The water consumption density in the public area of the properties and the operation of the hotel and serviced apartments, calculated by unit area or room night.
  • 3. Including Scope 1 and Scope 2, calculated by unit area or room night.
  • 4. Waste generated from asset appreciation projects is excluded.
  • 5. Refer to comprehensive satisfaction, applicable to office buildings, clothing wholesale mall and retail malls.